The Story
In 2016 I began working in the fishing department at a local sporting goods store. I had a lot of knots to practice and was constantly re-spooling people's fly reels and gathering customer's old recycled fly line. I started practicing new knots on the old fly line and one day decided to braid three different colors of fly line together and tie it around my wrist. Instantly I thought that this was a cool and unique way to show people you fly fish and are proud of it. The color variety has blown up since my very first bracelet, and much of the line remains recycled how ever some of the more vibrant colors I buy to keep the color combinations bright and unique. Another addition from the original bracelet is the black buckles that clip on and off for your convenience. Thanks for reading and welcome to the Fabel Lifestyle. 
-Bridget Fabel
Fabel Lifestyle is a new brand for those who live and embrace a life outdoors. The lifestyle includes fishing at sunrise, hunting at 11,000 feet, sleeping under the stars, and casting in the rain.. just to give a few examples. We are passionate about the next fish we catch, or the next deer we put in our freezer. This brand was created as a representation of that drive and passion we all share.
Each bracelet is handmade by Bridget Fabel. Every bracelet is unique because many lines are different shades of the same color, or weighted differently. This means the fly line bracelet on your wrist is one of a kind. 
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