The story behind the "Tryna Fish" Shirts

HOLY COW! Have you seen all the new items on the site? Fabel Lifestyle has recently received TONS of upgrades! This means for the first time ever we are offering apparel.. and I'm so excited about it! The "Tryna Fish" shirt is now available as a women's racerback tank top or a mens (women can wear too) T-shirt. Both have a small Fabel logo next to the "Tryna Fish." 

I got the idea to make a "Tryna Fish" shirt over a couple years ago. It came to me one day when I was standing on the side of a lake fly fishing for tiger trout. It was not an easy day of fishing.. and it took me quite a while to figure out what the tigers wanted to eat. It didn't help that it was about 100 degrees out and I was fishing right in the middle of the day (when these tigers like to be extra picky). Anyway, I was fishing for hours and forgetting about everything else important in life (time, food, water) and I was just barely starting to figure the fish out and I was catching them like crazy! Then all of a sudden I got a text and my phone rang from where it was sitting on top of my back pack. Out of habit I grabbed it and went to read the message, than got mad at the person texting me because it was distracting me from fishing.. and I threw the phone back down and said "I'm Tryna Fish !!!" Later on I thought that that could be a catchy saying that everyone could relate to, and I knew that down the line I wanted to wear it on a shirt. 

I made a shirt at a pop up graphics shop in the mall one day a year ago that said "Tryna Fish." I caught some peacock bass while wearing it and shared the photos on Instagram. I had such a great response from men and women saying "Where can I buy this shirt?!" so I made a couple here and there and sold them for cost for a couple weeks. That pop up shop disappeared and here we are a year later with a better design, better quality shirts and tanks.. And they are now available!

These orders for hats, tanks, and tees will be a pre order... meaning order now (March 1st) until March 18th and then order quantities will be sent to the printing shop. Eagle Eye promotions will make them throughout that next week and I will ship every order Monday March 26th. 

I hope you guys LOOOOOVE these shirts, because I'd love to see you in them! As always tag me @bridget_fabel and @fabellifestyle on Instagram with your bracelet and shirt pics so I can share them! Thanks, Happy Fishing!

-Bridget Fabel