Prepping for Fall Fly Fishing

NOTE: I apologize, my internet is giving me a hard time uploading photos so this BLOG will be just words. I will solve this problem for the next blog.


Fall is one of my favorite times to fly fish. On that note.. I can't believe it's already almost fall! What the heck happened to summer? The seasons come and go so fast. I'm very excited to have another great season with my line on the water this fall.

Brook trout are all "colored up" in the fall and express extreme amounts of aggression. Dark Maribou mufflers, sculpins, and wholly buggers have always worked well for me. Drop them under debris like fallen trees or rocks and watch the brookies swim up and hammer them.

Brown trout fishing in the fall is always a good time. Target the browns that are. It spawning but are looking to be eat the trash left behind from the spawners.. which is eggs. Orange and red egg patterns have always worked very well for me. Going into a clear stream and fishing with no indicator and just watching your fly get slammed is so fun! I suggest everyone go try that.

Another great thing about fall fishing is that high elevation trout know that winter is coming and they need to eat every meal they can get. Arctic grayling fishing up at 11,000 in the fall is super HOT. These fish go crazy for dries and nymphs knowing that they are going to be under feet of ice and snow very soon. Some of the high country lakes I fish freeze as early as mid October. I like to fish those as much as possible until they are inaccessible.

Get prepped for this fall with big scary streamers and egg patterns because I can assure you the fishing will be great! Thanks for reading :)

-Bridget Fabel

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