Peackock Bass Fishing December 2016

Have you watched my YouTube video from this past December's trip to Florida?

I fished for peacock bass for a week straight and caught some total PIGS! Watch the video and go get your hands on some peacock bass.. The way they fight on the fly is like nothing else, I guarantee it. Peacock Bass are not native to Florida but were introduced in recent years to control the Ciclid and Tilapia populations in Southern Florida Canals. The Peacock Bass population has EXPLODED and you can find these beauties in almost any body of fresh water around Miami. My largest of the trip weighed in at 6 pounds and was caught on a 5wt fly rod, reel, and line with 20lb fluorocarbon tippet on a shiner streamer fly. Definitely caught some fish of a life time and I can't wait to get back at it. Watch the video to see some massive bass on the fly.


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